Marco Tiberio (b. 1988) is a creative director and photographic artist based in Amsterdam. His main field of interest is how human beings react to the changes in society and how they interact with it and the world they live in, being it physical or not.

He likes to challenge serious topics in an ironic manner, turn them around and take the viewer in an unexpected journey where classic photography, video, print and generative photography merges together. His goal is to find new ways of investigating topics in order to make them more accessible to a broader public and give them new interpretations.

With art director Maria Ghetti, he founded a creative studio and publishing house called Defrost. Their first book “Immorefugee” was selected among the best photobooks of 2017 by Martin Parr.
They just published the studio's second publication, "Enlarge Magazine", the first magazine about penis enlargement.

Marco also teaches at the Academy of Architecture of Amsterdam.